French Montana – Nervous (
French Montana – Nervous

American hip hop recording artist “Karim Kharbouch”, popularly known as French Montana is out with a single titled “Nervous“…

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French Montana – Nervous


Niggas done changed, goddamn (huh, f*ck)
Now I’m gettin’ all this change, goddamn
Done changed, goddamn, see all the chains, goddamn
La Musica de Harry Fraud

If I think a nigga did it on purpose (purpose)
I’ma hit him in the face on purpose (on purpose)
If I catch 25, it was worth it (it was worth it)
Get the f*ck from ’round me if you nervous (if you nervous)
G-g-grew up on the block with the drug lords (drug lords)
They give a f*ck about a gun charge (gun charge)
Catch 1-3 and do the service (do the service)
Get the f*ck from ’round me if you nervous (ayy)…


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