Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is aware of how important your personal informations are, and we take your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes the nature of personal information we collected, how they can be used and how not to use them. By visiting or using our services, we assume you accept the policies detailed in this privacy policy. See Privacy Policy to learn more about privacy policies.

Information Collections and Usage

While using our services on, informations like, IP addresses, cookie information,  date and time of activities, details of part of the website used or accessed, are tracked or collected.  These informations like email addresses, residential addresses, personal identification numbers collected about specific users while using our services cannot be shared with third parties and can only be used for administration and maintenance related tasks.

Cookies uses cookies to store information and about a visitor’s preferences and history in order to better serve the visitor and/or present the visitor with customized content of interest. Cookies are small texts or file that runs  through a visitors browser which are stored on the user’s computer.

Security and Information Protection uses standard security techniques to protect all users personal informations like, e mail addresses, Residential addresses, personal identification informations. We make sure all sensitive information like passwords, pass codes are encrypted. you can at anytime change browser settings or disable cookies prior to privacy concerns.

Privacy Policy Review and Update will sometimes updated this policy, once there’s a revised version of it on it’s website. We implore you to review Privacy our Policy whenever you can.

And if you have any questions about our privacy policies, you can email us by, clicking here.

And if feel your privacy have been invaded or violated, or that has not abided by it’s policies, please feel free to contact us Here.